EFESEIIS “Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies” is a research project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme and funded by the European Commission.

EFESEIIS endeavours to produce new knowledge and support individual, authority or organisation that are involved or are willing to involve themselves in the social and solidarity-based economy. It aims at providing a better understanding of Social Entrepreneurship using thorough analysis of data gathered in 10 European countries. By 2016, EFESEIIS aspires to give all the key information to a wide range of stakeholders – from policy makers, financial organisations, and local authorities to individuals – to remove the barriers preventing from the growth of Social Entrepreneurship and support its development worldwide.




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L’8 novembre, la manifestazione finale EFESEIIS progetto si è tenuto a Bruxelles, in Belgio. Più di 60 persone hanno partecipato…

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