“I cannot change the system. This is the task of politicians. But I can activate youngsters, so that they are guided thought the system well. I empower the young people. I tell them: It is like it is. You have to adapt. It is a totally different perspective, because for me the education system is a monster. If you choose to fight the monster, you will always loose because this monster is simply mean. Not fair. Therefore I do not fight it. I tell them, how to circumvent the monster.” (Executive Chairman of Chancenwerk)

The social enterprise Chancenwerk was first established upon the initiative of Murat Vural, his sister Serife Vural and some friends from university in 2004. Its goal is to fight the problem of an inequality of chances for children with a weak socio-economic or migration background in the German education system.

In order to achieve this, Murat Vural, the executive chairman, invented an innovative tutoring model the ‘Learning Cascade‘ and implements it in schools: University students support senior class pupils with tutoring in subjects which are problematic for them. In groups of six they receive tutoring once a week for 90 minutes. Instead of spending money for this service, these senior class students help younger pupils once a week for 90 minutes with their homework. They are supervised by one university student. In every school one university student functions as a school coordinator who is responsible for organizational tasks such as the dialogue with teachers, parents, pupils and students, but also the recruiting and management of students. All students and senior class pupils receive training on topics such as role perception, teaching, competencies and learning strategies. For this purpose, Chancenwerk established its own training center, the ‘Chancenwerk Academy‘. It shall ensure that they are well prepared for their tasks and that the quality of tutoring is high.

To be an attractive offer for all three – university students, senior class pupils and younger pupils – the organization provides several rewards and services: First, university students can receive various rewards for their engagement. These range from financial rewards to the certification of voluntary work. As Chancenwerk cooperates with several universities, also credit points for their studies are possible. Second, senior class pupils take advantage of the ‘Learning cascade‘ as they receive tutoring without spending any money, as they also receive training in the ‘Chancenwerk Academy‘. The same can be said for the trainees of firms in the ‘ChancenWORK‘ program.

From a small association teaching a dozen of pupils in Castrop-Rauxel, a medium-sized city in the Ruhr Area of Germany, it has developed into a successful social enterprise coaching more than 2400 pupils all over the country by now. The enterprise is led by the founder and executive chairman and an executive team. The organization relies on salaried and to a large extent voluntary student personnel. Presently, with its hybrid organizational and financial structures it generates annual revenue of one million Euro by donations of foundations (70%), CSR funds of firms (15%), membership fees (15%) and recently also by compensations for services by public authorities (<1%).