In Austria 1-2% of all used machines are re-used again and prepared. That’s much too less, when you know about the production conditions of the computers and how the waste disposal is managed. Compuritas take old and used computers from companies, delete their data, format the hard disk new, re-install a new software and sell the rehashed computers to NGOs, schools or needy people. Computers have no accounting value for companies after three years, that’s why good running companies buying new hardware after using them three years, that brings them tax related benefits.

But in getting rid of the old hardware, companies have two problems: Where can they dispose it without costs and how can they be sure, that their data’s are completely deleted and can’t be reconstructed anymore? Reselling, storing, disposing computers or erasing the hard drive takes time, binds resources and costs money without efficient revenue. Furthermore no school or NGO would buy the hardware if the software licenses for anti-virus programs or office packages were not delivered. Compuritas has the expertise and certificates to delete the hard disk data’s and sell the computers for a social issue. For this Compuritas received diverse certificates (i.e. Trigos, Austrian CSR Award, climate and energy fond) which is very important to generate a trustful relationship to the companies and to the customers. The companies mention the donation of the computers in their CSR reports, have the feeling that they did something useful with social impact and don’t waste time in organising the disposing, storing or reselling the old hardware.

Furthermore Compuritas supports households who are living under the poverty threshold. Especially kids have a high risk to get excluded from society, if their parents can’t afford the required IT- equipment for schools. In our society a life without computer means social exclusion and inhibits social rise. Applications, getting bank accounts, learning in schools, communicating with friends is more and more dependent on an access to a computer and an access to the Internet.

Another goal is to reduce electrical waste. Through Compuritas the lifecycle of a computer will be prolonged for 50-100%. The duration of usability is raised from 4 to 8 years. One notebook needs 550kg Co2, 11kg chemicals, 120kg fossil fuels and 750 liters water. Furthermore the working conditions for producing the raw materials are very poor. Throwing working computers away after three years is a common practice in companies, but it means a waste of ecological resources. Compuritas is increasing the public awareness, give lectures in the economic chamber, schools or other institutions and inform the society, that they can prolong the lifecycle of computers in repairing and cleaning them. For explaining their business they use the model of the circular economy and waste hierarchy: reduce- reuse- recycle- recover.

In the last 18 months Compuritas sold 800 computers to 750 registered customers, 80 customers are schools or NGOs, furthermore they sold 1.200 consulting hours and charged in several 2.200 invoices. Depending on the technical data, year of construction and the installed software the price per computer is between 200-600€. Compuritas have so much trust in the quality of their computers, that they give 24 months guarantee on the products.