Cooperation Boosting Tourism Development

Consortium Pro-Permet was established in 2010 and was an initiative to promote human development through tourism, as well as improvement of quality services and marketing authentic products of the Permet region. Permeti is known in particular for agro-food industry, authentic products and rich gastronomy. Wine, brandy, cheese, honey and gliko (dessert prepared by special processing techniques in fresh fruit) are among the best in Albania.

Pro-Permet recorded 15 members in its founding; 11 manufacturers of regional products and 4 in tourism accomodation and services. After five successive years Pro-Permet managed to function as a consolidated network.

The consortium aimed to accomplish the creation and registration of a brand that promotes authentic products of Permet. Pro-Permet with its products is present in all fairs at home and abroad. SHBR, since two years is part of Slow Food, a global organization supported by 150 countries in the world, focused on evoking the delight of traditional food in respect of community and environment. Cooperation with Slow Food has enabled the creation of a Konvivium in Permet the entrance in the Presidia list of Permet organic and authentic gliko.

Five years after the establishment of the Consortium Pro-Permet, the change is evident. Pro-Permet services and products are popular and in higher demand in the market. The transformation in tourism and number of tourists is visible in the last three years. The days of stay in Permet have increased from a few hours to two or more days. Product quality facilitates marketing. The key negotiator on sales-marketing of products is the consortium itself. The economic position of the fifteen enterprises of the consortium is stronger after these years. Pro-Permet Consortium success is affirmed by the requests for membership.

In these years incomes have increased not only for members of the Consortium, but also for the entire economy of the area. Employment growth also has better rates. The future looks more optimistic.

In year 2009, net profits of fifteen members of the Consortium amounted to 13,302,080 ALL, and in 2012, two years after the establishment of the Consortium profits increased to 15,302,680 ALL, i.e. 15%. The number of staff in the business increased with 44%, from 104 employees in 2009 to 150 employees in 2012.

Model of a Consortium such as the Consortium Pro-Permet based on tourism and agro-food products until to-date is established and functions only in Permet. This novel idea can be easily transferred to other sectors of weak cooperation between the relevant stakeholders.