Dockt / Energie van Hollandsche bodem

Dockt / Energie van Hollandsche bodem

As part of research for the FP7 – funded “Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies” (EFESEIIS) project, a case study is being developed around Van Hollandsche bodem Group, a New Generation Social Entrepreneurs, based in Elst, The Netherlands.

The Van Hollandsche bodem Group wants to build an independent, honest and sustainable society. Among others the group is focussing on energy (EvHb), bicycles (FvHb) and housing (HvHb) The Van Hollandsche bodem Group is established by Dockt Foundation.

A freelance project manager and an architect were both struggling with the impact of their work. After several years of traditional projects the lack of sustainable developments frustrated them. Instead of pointing at others, they decided to make a switch and combine their forces. They started Dockt foundation to develop independent, honest and sustainable concepts which they could turn into business. Together with a small but diverse group of trusted people they try to transform creative sustainable ideas into serious sustainable business. Key components of the concepts they develop are sustainability, circularity, local impacts and  social impacts. EvHb is one of the first  concepts turned into businesses.

EvHb develops solar parks on wastelands, on roofs, on water, on noise barriers and other areas suitable for multifunctional use. The solar parks will be owned by local cooperatives. The cooperatives established and facilitated by EvHb. The first cooperatives are in operation, currently about 10 others are being developed. Over time, if wished the cooperatives will become independent from EvHb.

The goal of HvHb is to build houses made of 100% local (Dutch) sustainable building materials for a competitive price. Aldo 100% isn’t yet achieved, the first house is already build. FvHB want to build sustainable bicycles. For example made from wood. HvHb and FvHB aren’t yet as far developed as EvHb. They try to develop HvHb and fvHB in a similar way as EvHb.