ARCO’s (Action Research for CO-development, PIN S.c.r.l.) researchers interviewed Carlotta Sichi and Maria Serena Porcari, employee and chairman of Dynamo Academy, the second social enterprise selected for the European Project Efeseiis, Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies.

Dynamo Academy was founded in 2010, to contribute to the economic sustainability of Dynamo Camp Association. It provides all those firms and individuals who want to sustain the activities of Dynamo Camp with the Camp spaces and facilities. Moreover it organizes projects of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate volunteering and training sessions to clarify and foster the meaning and value of social enterprise and social responsibility.


Inspiring change through real experiences

Dynamo Academy was born at the end of 2010, to economically support the activities of Dynamo Camp Association. The latter has been operating in the field of recreational therapy since 2007 and it consists of a 40 hectare park, included in the WWF oasis in Limestre, village in Pistoia’s hill country. It organizes several indoor and outdoor activities, such as artistic labs, theatre courses, environmental and sport workshops, within the oasis, to children suffering from serious illnesses, and their families.

Dynamo Academy was founded with the aim of triggering a sustainable mechanism of economic support to Dynamo Camp, to replace the traditional way of financing the Association, namely found raising activities involving private corporate and philanthropy. The Academy provides the Camp spaces and facilities for firms’ events and conventions and in exchange private corporate contribute to the running costs of the Camp and its recreational programs and to the maintenance of the whole park and facility.

In 2009 Dynamo Academy hosted and co-organized, in partnership with Newman’s Own and scaled its offer to a wider package of proposals, a part from venue for corporate events.

The main activities organized consist of programs of Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate volunteering, team building, convention and corporate meetings on social responsibility issues and cultural events with the participation of the local community.

Moreover, above all over the last few years, the Academy is committing to specializing in the provision of training sessions and education courses ad hoc, on the themes of social responsibility and social enterprise, targeting not only firms but also students and private, public stakeholders. These programs from one hand, help participants deepen knowledge, broaden perspectives on the opportunities of the social sector and from the other, they facilitate moments of analysis on which are the major constraints to the development of social innovative programs.

All Academy’s activities are planned during those periods when there are not Dynamo Camp’s sessions ongoing and a part from running expenditure, all the return is reinvested into the Dynamo Camp project.