EFESEIIS at the political symposium of the European Forum Alpbach

EFESEIIS at the political symposium of the European Forum Alpbach

From the 28th to the 30th of August the European Forum Alpbach Political Symposium took place in a small village in the Tyrolean Alps. Under the slogan “new enlightenment” senior politicians, businessmen, scientists and NGO representatives discussed the most urgent questions in international policy.

The Global Impact Hub Network was invited to hold an internal gathering in the course of the forum as well as to be host of one plenum session. 26 representatives from the Global Impact Hub Network (Vienna, Zagreb, Genève, London, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Italy, Bucharest) were discussing internal strategic questions. Alfons Bauernfeind, from the EFESEIIS Austrian team, took part at the event, contributing with insights from the research in Austria. In the plenum some successful Social Enterprises presented their business to a broader public. Their initiatives were commented and discussed by members of the Alpbach- Laxenburg Group.

The Alpbach-Laxenburg Group is a cooperation between the European Forum Alpbach and IIASA (International Institute for Applied System Analysis). It strives to support global economic and social transformations towards sustainability by creating and communicating positive narratives for sustainable development and business opportunities, grounded in cutting edge international systems-science.

The highlight of these days was an “Invitation for partnership” of the UNDP to the Global Impact HUB Network to globally select and support Social Enterprises, which are offering solutions for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The mission of the internally discussed program “Accelerate 2030″ is

to provide the most promising entrepreneurs with the infrastructure and support to scale their impact internationally, and to realise their potential to play a key role in the achievement of the SDGs

The exchange between the Global Impact Hub Network and the Alpbach-Laxenburg was focussed on discussing realization possibilities of Accelerate 2030.

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Franz Fischler (right), president of the Forum Alpbach and former agriculture commissioner and Pavel Kabat CEO of IIASA (left), welcomed Gabriela Gandel, managing Director of the Global Impact Hub Network as “sister” to cooperate with the Alpbach Laxenburg Group

The Alpbach Laxenburg Group released a summary document called “New Business Models for Sustainable Development” and identified three fundamental changes, that are required in current mind-sets:

  • The principle goal of business is to optimize their operations under rapidly changing market conditions, investors and societal demands to be socially and environmentally responsible;
  • The provision and protection of common or public goods is the common responsibility of governments and the private sector, which is ready to play a critical role in provision of these services in the future;
  • Single sector “siloed” approaches are no longer viable- sustainable development is a multi-sectoral integrated complex system that will require the development of cross-sectoral integrated system-based solutions at all levels.

This will require significant changes across all sectors of society including: Governments, science, academia, business, civil society and the arts.