PSB will be performing the activities foreseen in all WPs.
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ARDITA-BONATTIArdita Bonatti is CEO of the promoting social business agency . Since 2011 she has managed the movement of social business in Albania by organizing a lot of activities in order to promote social business ideas in collaboration with government, different actors of civil society, international organization, and stakeholders. She has a vast experience in the banking industry, accoutting and financial managment through employment in Wells Fargo Bank and HO& EN auditing. She has also worked for Caritas Italiana-Albania as Head of Financial Department and Human Resouces. She graduated in Finance and Accountancy magoring bank at University of Tirana and holds a Master’s Degree in Science of Management from Unversity of Las Vegas, USA. She is the project manager of the EFESEIIS project for Albania and has also been manager of other projects implemented by the Agency as “Promoting youth employment through on job training in Shkodra and Kukesi Region ”Excellent problem solving skills and high-level of confidentiality, ability to multitask effectively are her strong points and a guarantee to success.

Danieldaa Bagu is staff of “Promoting Social Business” Agency (NBS) and coordinator of different projects as EFESEIIS project and “Promoting youth employment through on job training in Kukes and Shkodra Region” project. She has been also manager of “Adoption in distance, Albania”, a three-year project implemented by the Municipality of Padua, “Peace and Human Rights” sector. Daniela has worked as assistent /lecturer of Sociology, Story of European Integration and Comparative Politics in University. She has a master degree on “Law, Institutions and Politics of European Integration”, achieved in the University of Padua. Her strong communication and coordination skills make her a successful person in the academic and working field.

LEDIO-PAPADHIMALedio Papadhima has vast experience in television. He has worked as a cameraman and also in the Programming Department, in different national TV channels like Klan channel and Koha channel. He has been part of the important project “Census” , that had the objective to register the population of Albania.

Alma Lahe has a long experience like a PR and media expert at alpublic institutions. Last years she is working as a consultant at “Promoting Social Business” Agency (NBS). She works with the NBS team for identifying the needs of disadvantaged groups and preparing the interventions to improve their lives through the establishment of the sustainable social businesses. She is also responsible for the preparation of promotional material to projects implemented by NBS. She has worked as public relations and media expert of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. She has been part of the working group that prepared the first National Strategy on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence along with an Action Plan (2007 – 2010) as indication of the political commitment of the Government of Albania to provide for the movement and achievement of gender equality with an instrument of policies synchronized with civil society initiatives. Alma has a diploma bachelor and master, achieved in the Universtity of Tirana, Justice Faculty.

Kastkastriot sulkariot Sulka is one of the first promoters for Social Business in Albania, lunching and supporting Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus’ ideas, and at the same time he is trying to find ways for initiating curricula in academic environment for Social Business/Enterprise, besides putting endless efforts for creation of conditions for development of this kind of business. He is Director of the “Institute of Economic and Social Studies” and has experienced for a long time working in social and labor field. He has contributed in compiling and implementation of strategic documents, legislation and administrative reforms in order to do this sector more efficient, during exercising different functions as Director to Deputy Minister of Labor, Social Assistance and Equal Opportunities for about 8 years. He has been part of different international activities and has been elected as President of International Conference of International Labor Organization ILO (Geneva, May-June 2007) and Deputy President of European Conference of ILO (Lisbon, February 2009) or speaker in an international Forum in Hyderabad organized by World Bank (Indi, 2012), lector in an International Conference on “The challenges and perspectives in regional and local development” (Skopje, 2015), which are only some of the activities.