Alterra will be the leader of WP 7 – Evolutionary Theory as well as performing the activities foreseen in all WPs

ROEL-DURINGRoel During is the coordinator of a research programme at Alterra which focuses on the significance of innovations for long-term societal change. He focuses on social innovation from a cultural and post structuralism perspective. Currently he studies interactions of private informal initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life in villages/neighbourhoods and spatial social politics in the Netherlands. In 2005 and before he was assigned several research tasks by the First and Second Chamber of the State General, which gave him a deeper understanding on politics polity interactions. He has been a leader for the CULTPLAN project, in which cross-cultural cooperation that have been scrutinized in the INTERREG environment. During this three-year project he became acquainted with the diversity of regional cultures in Europe and their influences on spatial planning practices. In 2006, as Assistant Professor he joined the Belvedere Educational Network that consisted of three related scientific chairs at the universities of Amsterdam Delft and Wageningen. In the framework of this cooperation he did his PhD on cultural heritage discourses in Europe and their embedding in different ideas of Europeanization. Both from a theoretical and a practical point of view he is interested in pluralism with regards to organizations, values, logics, language and so on.