Syddansk University will function as the co-leader of WP6-The Role of Main Institutions together with Sciences Po in addition to performing the activities foreseen in all WPs

THOMAS-PERSSONH. Thomas R. Persson, the principle investigator for the Swedish case, he is a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Dep. of Leadership and Strategy in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at University of Southern Denmark. He has a PhD from Warwick University and the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations. Persson has experience carrying out evaluations, action research and research within areas such as: long-term unemployment and institutional collaborations – the Swedish Employment Office, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish National Health Service; Corporate Social Responsibility in micro and medium sized enterprises; the Swedish Language and Integration Program for immigrants; national and municipality youth policies; (good) governance in municipality run leisure activities; CSR and (good) governance in Sport Governing Bodies; and on social capital in organised sport. In addition to this, Dr. Persson has been IP coordinator of a ERASMUS collaboration between University of Westminster (UK), NTNU (Norway) and Malmö University. He was also a Research Fellow in a Marie Curie Excellence Grant funded research project hosted by the Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management at Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy.

niklas-hafenNiklas Hafen is a Research Assistant at the Department of Leadership and Strategy, University of Southern, Denmark, and a PhD-student at Malmö University in Sweden. His main research interest is the use of sport as a means to initiate social change throughout the world. Hafen has carried out research on development projects where sport has been used as a means to educate young people about HIV/AIDS and increase gender-awareness in South Africa, and to reconcile countries in conflict (e.g. FYR Macedonia and Moldova).