EFESEIIS England National Report on social entrepreneurship

EFESEIIS England National Report on social entrepreneurship


The England National Report provides a historical overview on English social enterprises and the role of the EU and other institutions in developing an enabling ecosystem for social entrepreneurship.

 Furthermore, the report unveils the main features of the existing relations amongst social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, and social innovation, recognizing the latter as the pillar factor both for the emergence of social enterprises and the support of them in being more resistant. The report identifies the country’s experience as strictly linked with the notion of social innovation:

Under an evolutionary perspective, social innovation could be the first trigger for the birth of a social enterprise or of a social entrepreneur, as well as a way for an already existing social enterprise or social entrepreneur to be more resilient to external shocks or to adapt to new market conditions. Within the UK experience this has partially been the case, as social entrepreneurs have emerged from public service reform and innovation

Therefore, aiming to explain the contemporary issues concerning social enterprises in England, the report represents a  significant synthesis of the academic and grey literature on the topic. Moreover, additional information were gathered from interviews with key stakeholders, such as Non-Government Organisations, lobby organisations, social enterprise support organisations, policy-makers and national bodies, SE founders and academics.

Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in England: A National Report
Chris Durkin, Richard Hazenberg, Martin Field & Meanu Bajwa-Patel
University of Northampton