As part of research for the FP7 – funded “Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies” (EFESEIIS) project, a case study is being developed around Kromkommer, a New Generation Social Entrepreneur, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Kromkommer (in Dutch a wordplay of the words crooked and cucumber) started on an afternoon in the local market in Rotterdam. For the study Business Economics two students looked into big world problems such as climate change and food waste. The food waste issue inspired them to try to change the food system. They start to collect the fruit and vegetable leftovers at restaurants and supermarkets. Food was thrown away because it was too small, too big, too crooked or had a funny shape. In 2013, Kromkommer joined forces with “Too good to waste”. Kromkommer was founded with the mission to save all the fruits and veggies that otherwise would have been wasted because of their looks or overproduction.

As they realized they can’t change the system on their own they organized a community with consists of fans (consumers), farmers and growers, stores, retailers and all other partners they work with.

Kromkommer started to produce three wonky veggie soups. Beginning in May 2014 the first Dutch soup line made out of wonkies was a fact. At the moment the soup can be bought at over 50 stores throughout the country. Now that the soup line is on the market they are thinking of making new recipes and products in order to save more wonky veggies and fruits.

Next to the product line, they also want to increase the awareness of food waste. They do that by campaigns. During the campaigns they sell hundreds of kilos crooked veggies and fruits that otherwise would have turned into waste.

Kromkommer’s ultimate goal is to see wonky veggies on the shelves, for the same price as their “perfect” brothers and sisters.