Liceulice is a citizens association founded in Belgrade with the aim to contribute to social emancipation, economic, cultural, and social inclusion and poverty reduction. They achieve their goals primarily by issuing the magazine of the same name sold by members of marginalised who keep a half of the income earned.

The core activity of the organization is the issuing of the street-magazine Liceulice (up till now 25 issues; sold over 80 000 copies) devoted to the social topics, democratic values and social inclusion promotion, civil society empowerment, advocating for a social change, stirring the corporative social responsability; and magazine distribution through the vendor network (50% of every sold issue goes directly to the vendor), consisted of marginalized groups’ members (homeless, persons with special needs etc.). In four years Liceulice magazine has become a respectable and influental member of International Network of Street Papers, as well as a member of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia and Coalition for Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Liceulice is being funded from: donations, sponsorships (business), ad space sale, grants (international, national, local) and own sources (up to 25% from magazine sales income). Liceulice is one of very few organizations in Serbia that already today, on principles of social entrepreneurship, realizes enviable level of self-financing, with very good perspective in terms of sustainability, further development and longevity.

Liceulice is more than “just” a street magazine. It has become an open media/activist space dedicated to a better communication and affirmation of civic activism and civil society values. Liceulice has been expended and empowered, gained experience, stability and respect. It gathered a number of well-established individuals and organizations.

Operational team and network of associates consists of individuals with enviable experience and knowledge in various areas, such as: production and cultural management, project and financial management, social work, media production, promotion and PR, etc. Liceulice operates in strategic partnership with Smart Kolektiv which includes shared use of resources such as space, equipment and professional services.

Liceulice program has regional character from the very beginning. This is visible through magazine content but also through cooperation and concept developing in countries within the region. The concept is successfully implemented in Macedonia (magazine Lice v lice – 13 issues up to now), while in Kosovo (Ball per ball – 2 issues) and in BIH (Liceulice – 1 issue), and in other countries the initiative should be renewed. Liceulice launched also: a) The first Street festival of activism – Vreva in 2011; b) Regional forum of social communications For good causes; c) Permanent Action My neighbour without a roof– direct help to homeless people.