Mrizi i Zanave

Mrizi i Zanave

Poly-lab for agricultural and farming products in Fishta

Albanian history in the last three centuries has been marked by a high emigration. After the fall of the communist regime in Albania, in 1990, according to official figures, one third of the population emigrated in search of a better life.

The two young entrepreneurs, Prenga brothers, Altin and Anton, migrated to Italy at a young age. In 2010 they came in hometown, to open a slow food restaurant called Mrizi i Zanave. In a short time “Mrizi i Zanave” became number one restaurant in Albania. The area was unknown and unexplored until 2010, but in 2013 Fishta village counted 40 thousand visitors of which 70% from other Albania’ towns and 20% foreign visitors. This thanks to the investment of the family Prenga in Mrizi i Zanave restaurant.

Managers initially were faced with the lack of standardized farms for cultivation and processing of products of the region. This drove them to search for a permanent solution. They decided to set up a consortium with membership of the farmers.

The consortium with farmers membership focus on the establishment of poly-lab for processing and production of meat, milk and wild fruits. The Brothers tested the idea through set up a mini-lab for gathering and processing of milk and wild fruits, in the restaurant. Experimenting proved successful. The interest of farmers and stockbreeders is growing.

Setting up an enterprise of food products in the area will contribute to restoring the tradition and good reputation for agricultural and livestock products and help people recover economically.

Until now there are included forty farmers. In 2016, the founders believe that the number of the farmers will increase at one-hundred. The consortium will be the guarantee for providing a fair proportion of quality and price. Providing the fair price for the product in the area will increase the income of farmers.