Strawberry Energy

Strawberry Energy

Strawberry energy is a young Serbian company motivated by a vision to make renewable energy sources more accessible to all people.

Recognizing that the best way to raise awareness about the clean green energy is to present the benefits through practical example, Strawberry energy engages in research and promotion of renewable energy sources and sustainable development.

Miloš Milosavljević (1988) is a founder and chief executive of “Strawberry energy”, responsible for everyday functioning, as well as for business strategy development of the company and its products. He is a creator of the Strawberry Tree, and therefore participates in its development from the very beginning. In parallel, Miloš intensively works at entrepreneurship promotion between youth, by presenting and holding lectures about this issue throughout the country.

Strawberry energy has been recognised internationally for its work to invent new ways and green technologies to improve lives and protect the environment. The development of the Strawberry Tree – the world’s first public solar charger for mobile devices – is its main success to date. For this invention Strawberry energy won the first place in promotion of public consumption reduction category at the “Sustainable energy week 2011” in Brussels.

In Strawberry energy they believe that our everyday needs and the demands on our environment are changing at an incredible rate, but public spaces have remained largely unaltered and not meeting our daily needs. They also believe that cities are powerful instigators of change and that their role should be to foster innovation, and that the time has arrived for our cities to change and adapt to the mobile generation in order to answer our modern thirst for energy and connectivity.

They believe in a renewable future, where energy derived from clean sources will dominate world markets.

For those reasons they intend to make these changes happen by developing better street furniture that will make life easier in a modern smart city that cares for its residents, commuters and visitors. They develop green and smart urban devices to provide people with energy, connectivity and local information in public spaces. By bringing IoT to outdoor public spaces to around 400.000 users, they strive to improve urban living and make cities smarter and greener.

Strawberry Energy is the pioneer in the market of public charging stations for portable devices. They made the first in the world solar charging station for mobile phones and other portable devices Strawberry Tree. Together with partners from EU, Russia, South Africa and the US they strive to spread the network of Strawberry Trees across the globe.