The EFESEIIS project partner meeting in Muenster (Germany).

The EFESEIIS project partner meeting in Muenster (Germany).

social-entrepreneurship-word-cloudOn the 30th June and 1st July the second EFESEIIS project partner meetings was held, in Muenster (Germany).

The meeting, organized with the support of Prof. Annette Zimmer and Stephanie Williams of the University of Muenster, gathered 23 academics from the 10 project partners.

During the meeting, the partners reviewed the results of the historical overviews for the 10 European countries of the project. The historical overviews will be part of the national reports, which will be available for download at the end of this year on the project website

In the national reports, readers can find information on the current legal framework of social enterprises, their historical evolution and which policies and actors are influencing them most. This informationwill be available for all partner countries (France, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Albania, Serbia, and Poland) as well as for Brasil and South Africa.
Researchers also discussed on the survey to be administered to social entrepreneurs and on the criteria to identify the new generation of social entrepreneurs.

The next partner meeting will be held in Warsaw on the 12th of February. On the 13th we will plan a seminar to present the national reports and a workshop with stakeholders from partner countries will be organized and open to everyone. For more info on the event, please check the website or follow our Facebook page.